Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Preacher Falsely Predicts End Of La Crosse

""These," he continued, "represent 300 communications which I have received from the spirit world since last Sunday, and they all bear on the subject of this coming woe. Here you see a terrible looking serpent and here another; there is a flower; and here are some awful discharges in the heavens. This represents a storm - let's see - yes, a rain storm, as you see written in the hand of the spirit. This collection of lines represents wind - a cyclone; see how they all run to a common head? There you have a ladder and an angel climbing it; here is a cross; here are more serpents, etc." Drawings of a bow of crepe, a calla lily, a rose, comets, a heart pierced with a key, a cave, a bird of paradise, and other known and unknown objects followed one after the other in the weird procession until the reporter grew weary." - from "Preacher Falsely Predicts End Of La Crosse," La Crosse Daily Press (March 9, 1894).

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