Monday, April 16, 2012

Saves Teeth Of The Dead

"Just prior to placing the body in the casket, Mrs. Kramer asked that her husband's false teeth be removed, as she would soon be obliged to purchase a set. Her request was complied with and Mrs. Kramer arrived in Janesville last week with her husband's full set of plates. She called upon Dr. Burros informing him that she desired to have them remade to fit her, and the request was soon granted. When the little woman of sixty years left the dental office she hoped that the teeth would make her thirty years younger as she intended soon again to enter the matrimonial class." from "Saves Teeth Of The Dead," Eau Claire Leader (May 21, 1907).

Friday, April 13, 2012

Took Books While Irresponsible

"Dr. R. G. Thwaltes, secretary of the Wisconsin historical library, has received a letter from a young woman, a former student at the state university, admitting that she carried away about 200 state and university library books found in boxes stored in her name at the Sumner & Morris warehouse. She says she took the books while under influence of a drug prescribed for her by a physician." - from "Took Books While Irresponsible," Stevens Point Daily Journal (August 18, 1906).

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shot Firecrackers To Scare Away Goblins

"A man with delirium tremens was taken into custody today. He was trying to shoot firecrackers to scare away goblins. He thought they were blockading the street car tracks." - "Shot Firecrackers To Scare Away Goblins," Milwaukee Journal (January 7, 1902).

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Religious Books Cause Insanity

"Constant reading of religious books is said to have caused Alex Sherburn to become insane and taken to Mendota asylum. He had many times asked friends to converse with angels. The young man has no relatives in this country." - Religious Books Cause Insanity, Eau Claire Leader (November 29, 1905).